Of course, we also have something very special for fans of handmade music.
These guys from Kiel and Munich have musical delights up their sleeves and are sure to cause a stir in the jungle.

Tequila & The Sunrise Gang

It's really not easy to categorise this gang. The broad instrumentation, including a three-piece horn section, gives the seven Kielers a dynamism that hardly any other band can match. The flying changes between driving ska-punk offbeat à la Less Than Jake and anthemic sing-a-long refrains, as we know them from Rancid, are almost effortless and the countless hook lines bore themselves deep into the ear to settle there for a long time.
"Super rocking, good compositions! I'm sure it will really rattle at festivals," says Ingo Donot about the new album HOME (2020) - and that's exactly what Tequila & the Sunrise Gang regularly prove at their energetic and rousing live shows. At the end of 2021, they will also be the official German support for Less Than Jake.
Links: Homepage - Instagram - Spotify


We make heavy pop - a mixture of punk rock, indie and 90s emo. This is what the Munich-based band have been calling their sound, which they have been bringing to cities since 2012: live shows with tonnes of energy, songs with hooklines that stays in the ear for a long time and thoughtful lyrics that range from melancholy to arse-kicking. After four EPs and the two LPs "Die Lüge vom Großen Plan" (2017) and "Die Beste aller Zeiten" (2020), the band heralded a new chapter in 2022. With new drummer Basti (ex-Bad Drugs, ex-Little Teeth) and the return of founding member Hermann on bass, LESTER now performs as a hit five-piece. LESTER in their new guise continue to focus on their core competences of energy, heart and honesty. Especially live, the new constellation makes a lot of steam!
Links: Homepage - Instagram - Spotify

As support Left Clueless will kick off the evening, and you shouldn't miss them either!
Left Clueless is an alternative rock band from Leipzig, Germany, who have been writing songs since 2019, making music in a new formation since 2022 and are currently recording their debut EP. Their sound combines grungey guitar riffs with catchy melodies, rap and socially critical lyrics.
Links: Youtube - Spotify

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