SOJUS3000 are wandering somewhere between Postrock, Doom-Metal and Sludge while creating the perfect seating accommodation for a monumental inner cinema. Comparisons with bands and artists like Daturah, Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut, Pelican, Toundra, Russian Circles or Pink Floyd were already made.
In their music, melancholic pads are emerging from nothing, raising to spacious sonic landscapes and creating moments that seem timeless. Voice samples and electronic influences are merging with those harmonic compositions and are forming a dense soundscape to embed the listener into. Extensive dynamic song-structures are growing from a tiny spark to a rumbling volcano, flowing into deep and monolytic riffs beyond hovering melodic guitar pads and resulting in brute instrumental pieces.
SOJUS3000 means immersing into a parallel universe and getting part of something bigger.

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Catapults play energetic emo-punk that goes from 0 to 100 through the speakers into the ears. The sound is defined by the concentrated energy of the four guys and is a fresh twist on 2000s emo with pop punk and modern rock influences. F.F.O.: The Wonder Years, Spanish Love Songs, Fallout Boy, Paramore, The Story So Far, Biffy Clyro.

If the band name alone accurately describes how quickly their own music accelerates from 0 to 100, only to slam through the speakers into the auricles, then they did everything right when brainstorming in the sweaty rehearsal room. Two EPs, their debut album "I'll Be Honest" released on Uncle M and getting rave reviews across the board, numerous shows, both in small punk sheds and at big open airs, and all that just since 2018. Catapults continue with this energy without detours.

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The new album of Indecent Behavior has it all. It was created in collaboration with the British producer Phil Gornell, who has already worked successfully for Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low and Deaf Havana, among others. These are references that now also benefit the strong songs of Indedent Behavior. "Therapy in Melody" is a real powerhouse, says the press release for the new album. "The dance leg twitches, adrenaline flows and the songs drill into the nerves like healing acupuncture. A good portion of variety ensures entertainment at all times. Powerful hooks and catchy melodies invite you to listen again." After their club tour in June, the Saarlanders can now also be experienced here at Bergfest!

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